Improve Your Bottom Line

Equipment is expensive and an important part of your working asset base.  The loss of just one or two pieces of equipment per year eliminates the profit from a lot of your team’s hard work.  CYA Cover Your Assets™ allows you to periodically scan and record the location of equipment, using barcodes and geo-location, confirming that your assets have not “walked away,” or if they have, helping you locate them by knowing where they were last scanned,  so you can take action and correct your records. 

Sticker, Scan and See Your Equipment

CYA software uses the GPS on your smart phone to tag and track your equipment base.  Designed for the coffee industry and informed by our 25+ years of experience in the field, this easy-to-use mobile platform allows your service team to record the location of your machines with date stamp.

Understand Your Business

CYA comes with a web-based administration platform that means you can view and value your entire equipment base easily and efficiently.  With customized reporting, you can establish and track important business KPIs, such as the ROA (Return on Asset) on your equipment loans by customer, and on a macro level, you can improve your ratio of working to non-working assets, so that you’re not investing in new equipment when you can easily locate idle or under-performing assets.  At tax time, your CYA data will help you calculate depreciation and use tax.

With Thumb-Driven Simplicity, CYA helps you manage your assets:

  • Track and Confirm Equipment Locations
  • Review Loaned Assets by Customer and Manage Total Value
  • Track Age of Equipment in order to Plan Replacement
  • Control Non-Working Assets: In-Stock, Installed and In-Repair Depot

Your CYA  Administration Platform helps you:

  • Verify Capital Equipment Assets, and calculate Depreciation 
  • Track Value of Assets on Loan by Location for Use Tax Reporting
  • Calculate ROA on equipment loans by customer when you add product margin on sales

Custom Reports and Analysis Address Your Business Goals and Opportunities:

CYA can develop Custom Reports for your data using key coffee industry metrics that will inform you on the health of your business, opportunities for greater efficiencies and growth .  These reports include important analysis and recommendations from Premium Quality Consulting, LLC (Parent Company of CYA Cover Your Assets).  Premium Quality Consulting can also work with you to reengineer identified processes in order to improve your business outcomes.

CYA Pays for Itself and Provides Big Benefits

CYA pays for itself based simply on improved efficiency and time saved.  Even if you tell us that you never lose a machine, a small coffee company can pay for a basic CYA annual subscription with the savings of 3 people-hours per week (calculated on an average salary of $50K plus basic benefits).  We can calculate the costs and savings based on your company size and show you the additional benefits that increased visibility to your business can mean for your success.