What is the Premium Quality Consulting™ database?

Over the last two years, we have developed the comprehensive scope and content data that will now offer powerful insights into the story of coffee in the North America.  Our proprietary database, a compendium of all coffee brands, has been developed into a powerful new system that tracks trends in the market influence sector. Businesses in all sectors of the Coffee Industry can benefit from the trend analysis and industry contacts generated by our database.  Contact us for customized reporting for your brand.  

The Premium Quality Consulting database tracks the market influence sector, the cultural output of thousands of small artisanal brands that drive trends, innovation and dynamic growth in coffee.

How can PQC help you?

  • Provide market insights relevant to your business with our comprehensive database 
  • Identify nascent trends and important shifts in time to act
  • Contextualize your brand in the world of coffee
  • Discover opportunities in the market  that can maximize your potential in coffee
  • Develop a creative strategy to reach business goals

Customized reports with PQC analysis are available now.  Industry reports combined with analytics by our Premium Quality Consulting industry experts will launch in June 2016.  Coffee roasters, importers, retailers, distributors, equipment, service and supply companies will benefit from our trend analysis and industry contacts generated.