Your coffee brand: who are you anyway?

Why is it so important to “be a brand?” What is my brand story? How can I differentiate my brand from all the others? Would a good brand strategy improve my company performance? From critique to creation, we can help you find your coffee brand DNA.

Whether you want to start a revolution or just create a good thing in the neighborhood, you need a brand that speaks your mission to your consumers. And if your brand has been around for a while, it undoubtedly needs a refresh—brands must adjust as consumer interests change. Getting it right and keeping it right is a challenge, but with so many brands out there, it is critical to your success.

Brands are a lot like people. Each brand has a story to tell about who they are, what they do, and importantly, what they value. These stories tell the consumer why they should get involved with a brand.  More and more, consumers want brands that share their values, brands that are about more than a product. Consumers want brands they can connect with on an emotional level.

Getting your brand story right is a critical step in building an overall brand strategy. Your story isolates your brand DNA and provides the road map you need to develop your visual assets (logo, imagery, icons, including architectural characteristics of your space). The story becomes your copy platform, how you will speak to consumer. This work builds your brand world and includes everything down to the curation of your coffee experience.

We can help you in all aspects of this strategic work so that your brand is your core strength.