Process, scope of work and pricing

PQC takes work on a flexible project basis, ranging in size from one or two days to months-long engagements. We work remotely and on-site, as clients require. Our goals are to be honestly relevant to your needs and to have an interesting experience working on your project.

We start with a discovery conversation to understand the needs and challenges of our clients and to make sure our knowledge-base and expertise can add real value. Talk is cheap—and it’s never a waste of time to make new friends in the industry—so this first step is simple and free. Let’s talk. Email or call us today to begin a conversation: consult@pqc.coffee877-570-2227. You can also fill out this form and we'll get back to you.

If we mutually agree that PQC can be of service, then we’ll develop a a Scope of Work, outlining the project, the estimated time it will take and the value. From there, we work according to the SOW, with deadlines, deliverables and billing mapped out accordingly.

If we aren’t able to help with a specific problem, we like to find alternate solutions—other folks in the industry who know more than we do about that subject. We want to help you find the right solution.