Coffee marketplace intel, analysis & targeting

From local to global, we reveal the competitive landscape.

Coffee markets are dynamic communities, with shifting players, stakeholders and competitors. Whether you are considering a market for expansion, looking for the brand that is most relevant to align with your restaurant group, looking for the right targets for your new industry product, or worrying about which coffees are the rising players in the industry, we can help you understand the landscape.

We analyze the structure of specific markets, highlighting challenges, changes and opportunities. We trace the history, timing, expansion or decline of brands in a market to show how consumers want to experience their coffee and what brands they value. We capture the interplay of brands within a region, city or neighborhood. We identify experience saturation or areas for pioneering opportunity.

Understand the development and the reach of brands which compliment, inspire or compete with you. Contextualize the national landscape of the brands through dynamic mapping or time-lining. Reveal brands that which are critical to the story of coffee and understand their regional differences. Identify clusters of brand headquarters to discover cities and regions that play leading roles in coffee brand development.

Compare your brand character and rationale to your competition. Know which brands are in a market, why they are there and what differentiates them from each other. Dig deep into the profile of a single brand or compare across different characteristics. Identify a new thesis to focus the data and customize research project that is most relevant.